Robson Farm - A golden wheat field with white wildflowers in the foreground and deciduous trees in the background under a pale blue sky

Two More Farms Permanently Protected!

We are excited to announce that we have permanently protected our 14th and 15th farms in Ontario!

In early August, Ontario Farmland Trust registered easements on the Copeland Farm and the Robson Farm, bringing our total protected area to over 1,400 acres! Protecting these farms has brought us one step closer to achieving our mission of protecting and preserving Ontario farmlands and associated agricultural, natural, and cultural features for the benefit of Ontarians today and future generations.

This momentous feat could not have been possible without the generous support of the Copeland and Robson families, our many donors, and our supportive community.

Copeland Farm

Copeland Farm - A narrow, shallow river cutting through a green grassy wetland under a blue sky

The Copeland Farm is our third easement in Wellington County and is helping to establish a cluster of protected farms in the area. Clusters help to protect larger areas of farmland, often extending protection beyond each individual farm, and helps keep agricultural systems intact for future generations.

This 73-acre farm is located on the Speed River and is part of the Lutteral Swan Creek Wetland Complex. The property provides many different types of habitat, with an agricultural field, wetlands, forests, meadows, and river area. The Copeland family has also spent a lot of time and energy helping to restore and enhance many of the natural areas on their property. For example, they constructed a snapping turtle nesting area, actively maintain a meadow area to promote biodiversity, and are working at removing invasive species. We are proud to work with them to make sure their hard work is protected.

Read more about the Copeland Farm here.

Robson Farm

Robson Farm - Corn field with deciduous trees in the background under a blue sky

The Robson Farm is our first easement in Oxford County. We hope to continue building a cluster in this area as we expand our province-wide network of permanently protected farms.

This 80-acre farm is home to rich agricultural soils, which are currently in a corn, soybean, and wheat rotation, and a beautiful wetland complex. Ontario Farmland Trust has worked with the Robson family to further enhance their wetland. These enhancements included building a barn swallow nesting structure and seeding an area with native grassland species for pollinators. The Robson family recognize the importance of pollinators for ecological health and the agricultural community. We are so happy to partner with them to ensure their wetland and important agricultural soils are protected for generations to come.

Read more about the Robson Farm here.


Published: 12-08-2019

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