Your Support Helped OFT Protect it’s 12th Ontario Farm

OFT is pleased to announce that together with your support, we have permanently protected our 12th Ontario farm. The 90.2 acre farm, located within Guelph-Eramosa Township, contains many important agricultural and ecological features that are now preserved forever. An easement agreement was placed on the property by the Ontario Farmland Trust in late November.

The farm produces a variety of agricultural products including vegetables, beef, and hay. Just a few weeks ago the farm’s fields were filled with kale that will be ready to harvest before the ground freezes for winter. The farm raises miniature dexter cattle and has been actively working towards expanding its current herd.

In addition to its agricultural uses, this farm has important ecological features that are protected through the easement agreement. It contains fields, forests, and provincially significant wetland habitat that species at risk, such as bobolinks, snapping turtles, and monarch butterflies call home.

“This farm has special value for agriculture because it has some of the best soil in Ontario (Guelph loam), abundant water, and it is close to large urban food markets in nearby Toronto and Guelph. I’ve kept the old hedgerows as havens for birds and other wildlife and am nurturing a community of young farmers, who are growing organic vegetables and organic, grass-fed beef cattle.

As beautiful and productive as this farm is, it’s also in the path of nearby housing developments, which are coming closer every year. So I consider it my duty and privilege to save this farm forever.” – Kathryn Dean, farm owner

To date we have protected over 1200 acres of Ontario farmland. And with your on-going support we will continue to protect more Ontario farmland forever!

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