Provincial Policy Update

Schedule 10 Removed From Bill 66!

As a result of the collective action of agricultural and environmental groups, their many supporters, and municipal leaders, Schedule 10 has been removed from Bill 66.

Schedule 10’s removal is a huge win for everyone who advocates for farmland protection but we know that our work is far from over.

Proposed Growth Plan Amendments

The proposed Growth Plan Amendment 1 is yet another threat to farmland and could diminish many of the gains made during the Plan’s 2017 update.

Some of the proposed changes include: reducing the Growth Plan’s intensification and density targets, simplified processes to apply for even lower targets than those within the Plan, and allowing settlement expansions of up to 40 hectares to occur outside of a Municipal Comprehensive Review. These are all changes that could open the door for farmland loss and urban sprawl.

You can read Ontario Farmland Trust’s full response to and recommendations for the Growth Plan Amendment 1 here. You can also read our other policy responses and recommendations on our policy page.

Let’s work together to protect farmland for current and future generations!

The commentary period for all recommendations for the proposed Growth Plan amendments is open until February 28th. 


Published: 20-02-2019

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