Robson Farm

Robson Farm - A golden wheat field with white wildflowers in the foreground and deciduous trees in the background under a pale blue sky Robson Farm - Corn field with deciduous trees in the background under a blue sky Robson Farm - a wetland area with a small pond with tall grasses in the foreground and deciduous trees in the background

The Robson Farm is the Ontario Farmland Trust’s 15th easement and our first easement in Oxford County. This 85-acre farm produces corn, soybeans, and wheat. It is also home to a large ecologically diverse wetland surrounded by an equally diverse deciduous forest, all situated on unique rolling farm topography. The easement donors worked with OFT to further improve and enhance their wetland and forested areas. These improvements include building a new barn swallow nesting structure, introducing turtle basking logs, and expanding a native grassland area.

As a result of the farmland easement agreement, the Robson Farm will continue to provide habitat for many at-risk species, including the snapping turtle, bobolink, and Monarch.

“We wanted to be sure that our land and this wetland on our property were preserved and enhanced for the benefit of species at risk and for our community in the long term. We also wanted to protect the pollinators that are essential to the agricultural community.”
– Craig and Nancy Robson, Easement Donors


This project was made possible by the Government of Canada through the Natural Heritage Conservation Program, part of Canada’s Nature Fund.

The Government of Canada’s Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a unique public-private partnership to support new protected and conserved areas by securing private lands and private interests in lands. The program is managed by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Federal funds invested in the program are matched with contributions raised by NCC and its partners, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trust community.

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