Douglas & Bourgeois Farm




Simcoe County

In picturesque Simcoe County lies the 98-acre Douglas and Bourgeois Farm, also known as Brechin Brae, now permanently protected with one of OFT’s Farmland Easement Agreements. This is OFT’s 20th protected farm and, as the seventh farm OFT has protected from non-agricultural development in Simcoe County, adds to the growing protected land base in that region.

The rich agricultural soils on this farm are vital non-renewable resources that are used for row crops and cow pasture. There is also a significant amount of natural habitat on the property that is used regularly by wildlife, including species at risk. A large wetland provides a home for beavers, turtles, and many species of birds, and Monarchs make use of this property for breeding and foraging. In addition to the wildlife that call this farm home, the wildlife in the surrounding area use this property as a corridor to move from one patch of habitat to the next. White-tailed Deer, Coyotes, Moose, and even Black Bears have all been observed using the farm to move around the countryside. 

The landowners are dedicated stewards of the land, and they know that this farm is an integral part of the local agricultural and natural system. They have seen other farmland in the area lost forever to aggregate mining, and they wanted to ensure that the farmland on their property would remain available in the long term for both agriculture and for wildlife. OFT’s Farmland Easement Agreement will ensure that their farmland is never lost to non-agricultural development, and the landowners are excited to have protected the agricultural soil and natural habitat on their farm for the benefit of future generations.