Copeland Farm

Copeland Farm - A narrow, shallow river cutting through a green grassy wetland under a blue sky Copeland Farm - A forest scene with large tree trunks in the foreground and short green plants in the background Copeland Farm - A weir of large rocks crossing the Speed River Copeland Farm - A close-up of a Black Eyed Susan flower Copeland Farm - A corn field next to a row of trees with a cloudy sky Copeland Farm - A close-up photo of a green and brown frog surrounded by forest plants

The Copeland Farm is located just outside of Guelph, in Wellington County, and is the Ontario Farmland Trust’s third easement in the County. The protection of this farm helps to build a cluster of preserved properties, providing permanent protection of prime agricultural land and natural areas from urban development of nearby towns and cities.

This 72-acre farm includes prime agricultural soils, grasslands, a section of the Speed River, associated wetlands, and a large forested area. The easement donors have completed many restoration and improvement projects on the property, including a meadow conversion and working with the Grand River Conservation Authority to improve and protect the river and wetland habitats. This property is a haven for many wildlife species, including at-risk species like the little brown bat, barn swallow, and snapping turtle.

“This is a unique property with both prime agricultural land and a rich riparian environment along the Speed River. We feel strongly that both should be preserved and not lost to non-farming uses.”
– Dave and Cindy Copeland, Easement Donors


This project was made possible by the Government of Canada through the Natural Heritage Conservation Program, part of Canada’s Nature Fund.

The Government of Canada’s Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a unique public-private partnership to support new protected and conserved areas by securing private lands and private interests in lands. The program is managed by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Federal funds invested in the program are matched with contributions raised by NCC and its partners, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trust community. 


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