Donations of Farmland

Donating land to the Ontario Farmland Trust is the ultimate assurance that your farm will be protected for agriculture and conservation in perpetuity. Land can be donated outright or as a bequest, and charitable tax receipts can be offered by OFT for its value. Lands donations may be eligible for enhanced tax benefits through Environment Canada’s Ecological Gifts program.

OFT has a strong commitment to the stewardship of farmland and natural features associated with protected farm properties. When land is donated to the Farmland Trust, a long-term management and stewardship plan is developed to ensure the land is farmed in a way that protects the soil from erosion and enhances soil quality. Management plans are also created for natural areas found on protected farms, to maintain and enhance biodiversity and ecological functions.

The Ontario Farmland Trust is also able to lease out land it owns at affordable rates to new and beginning farmers who often have trouble purchasing productive farmland because of its prohibitive cost. These farmers also need long-term, secure lease arrangements to be successful, which OFT can offer.

By donating your land to the Ontario Farmland Trust, you are not only protecting rich agricultural soil resources for future farming and food production, but you are also supporting the next generation of Ontario farmers!