New Greenbelt Factsheet

One of the main objectives of Ontario’s Greenbelt is to permanently protect some of the best farmland in Canada. This protection provides a number of benefits to farmers, the agricultural sector, and Ontario’s food security now and into the future.

From the Greenbelt Plan (2017):
“The Greenbelt Plan, together with the ORMCP [Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan] and the NEP
[Niagara Escarpment Plan], identifies where urbanization should not occur in order to provide
permanent protection to the agricultural land base and the ecological and hydrological features, areas
and functions occurring on this landscape.”

Put simply, the Greenbelt identifies areas where non-compatible development should not occur while
the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe identifies where and how urbanization should

This permanent protection means that farmers in the Greenbelt can better imagine how the land
around them will look 5, 10, and 20 years into the future. It also means that farmers and communities
can continue benefiting from the many services that agricultural and natural lands provide.

To read more about ‘Agriculture in the Greenbelt’ and the benefits to farmers, check out our latest fact
sheet here.


Published: 03-12-2018

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