Jane’s Walk: John Hindmarsh Trail

Jane’s Walks occur in many cities and towns and are named after urban planner Jane Jacobs who encouraged the development of walkable communities. On May 6, a group including OFT Board Member and Chair of the Land Securement Committee, Larry Rosevear participated in a Jane’s Walk through the Maitland Woods and John Hindmarsh Trail. This trail is on the Hindmarsh Farm property, which is protected by an OFT easement agreement.

The tour and discussions about the new wetland site on the property were presented by Geoff King from the Maitland Valley Conversation Authority. Larry Rosevear also spoke to participants about the Farmland Easement Agreement on the property.

The walk provided the opportunity for participants to better understand the work and efforts being undertaken to protect and preserve the Hindmarsh Farm and the ecological and agricultural values of the land.

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