Help Protect This Farm

The Ontario Farmland Trust has just begun work to protect this 12th farm in Ontario. This 90 acre property falls between Guelph and Erin, and has diverse agricultural and natural features, including Class 1 farmland, forest, natural springs and provincially-significant wetlands.

The farm is a mix of hay fields, pasture and market gardening, with several new farmers operating vegetable, beef and honey bee enterprises on site. The farm also provides habitat for wildlife that is at risk of extinction or disappearance from Ontario, including snapping turtles and two grassland bird species, the bobolink and the barn swallow.

“This farm has speciaKathryn close upl value for agriculture because it has some of the best soil in Ontario (Guelph loam) and abundant water, and it is close to large urban food markets in nearby Toronto and Guelph. I’ve kept the old hedgerows as havens for birds and other wildlife and am nurturing a community of young farmers, who are growing organic vegetables and organic, grass-fed beef cattle.

As beautiful and productive as this farm is, it’s also in the path of nearby housing developments, which are coming closer every year. If farm owners like myself do nothing to save active working farms like this one, our children and future generations will suffer, more and more, from declining sources of healthy, locally produced food. So I consider it my duty and privilege to save this farm forever.” – Kathryn Dean, farm owner

Click here to make a donation today, and help permanently protect this farm forever!

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