Growing the Greenbelt through Regional Water Protection?

A new report called ‘Growing the Green, Protecting the Blue’, created by a number of local community groups proposes expanding the Greenbelt Plan to protect the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s (GGH) water resources. The Greenbelt Plan, a regional land use plan, works to permanently protect significant agricultural, ecological, and hydrological lands within the province. It is implemented in tandem with other provincial plans to direct urban growth away from these important lands.

The report focuses on expanding the Greenbelt Plan to create a ‘bluebelt’ whose purpose is to preserve important hydrological sites within the GGH. Through their research, the community groups identified specific lands that would benefit most from additional policy protections. The report includes maps outlining proposed boundaries and justifications for these sites. Proposed expansion sites include:

  • – Grand River Watershed Moraines
  • – Simcoe County Water Resources
  • – Lake Iroquois Shoreline
  • – Headwaters and Urban River Valleys

This work is important as it advocates for protecting drinking water resources, supporting agriculture and rural communities, and preserving ecological systems.

As the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review is currently underway to update the Greenbelt Plan, this report is well timed to advocate for expanding the borders of the provincial plan.

To see the report follow this link.

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