Federal government announces plans for “double contribution” of farmland to Rouge National Urban Park

On Saturday, July 11th at the Pickering Recreation Complex, the federal government  announced its plans to expand its contribution of farmland to Rouge National Urban Park, if re-elected. The plan would see the government transfer 21 square kilometres (5,200 acres) of farmland and natural habitat from Transport Canada to Parks Canada. This means that, of the original 18,600 acres that were expropriated for an airport in 1972, more than half would be placed under the permanent protection of the Park. The new lands would be located east of Toronto in Pickering and Uxbridge. Such action from the federal government would increase the limits of the park by 36% to a total of 79.5 sq. km.

Additionally, the Harper government says it will provide the highest level of protection of any urban park  in the world along with its own independent legislation, the Rouge National Urban Park Act, an act that will assist in the conservation, restoration and enforcement of the Park.

Prime Minister Harper also commented that the park’s expansion will include a network of new trails, forests, streams, creeks and meadows. For the Globe and Mail article, click here.





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