Farmland protection a key priority for farm organizations in 2014

Farmland protection is making the news. With the current rate of farmland loss at over 350 acres per day in Ontario, organizations are speaking out on the need to protect this valuable resource before it is gone.

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) has stated in a recent commentary that the preservation of Ontario’s best farmland is a crucial priority for the organization 2014. The CFFO goes on to state that “there are on-going efforts to strengthen the agricultural easement process that is available through the Ontario Farmland Trust”.

And the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) released a statement that a vibrant agri-food sector hinges on farmland preservation. OFA is calling on the Liberal government to protect Class 1-4 agricultural lands, and has produced a number of videos to  show the government what is needed to protect farmland for agriculture.

As part of the Liberal election campaign a Farms Forever program was announced that would “facilitate agricultural easements so farmland can stay as farmland.” OFT supported that campaign commitment.

OFT has been working since 2004 to protect farmland through direct land securement, stewardship, policy research, and education. In 2013 OFT launched it’s Farmland Forever Campaign, endorsed and supported by both OFA and CFFO.



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