2015 Farmland Forum


Pursuing Diverse and Collaborative Approaches to Farmland Protection

Farmland is the foundation of Ontario’s agricultural economy, local food, and farming livelihoods. Yet hundreds of thousands of acres of this land is lost every year in the face of sprawling urban areas and intensifying rural development conflicts.

What new tools, partnerships and grassroots approaches can complement or strengthen policies in Ontario that intend to protect farmland in the long-term?  Leadership and collaboration among farmers, community members and government is needed to protect our rich agricultural lands in practical ways for the benefit of all Ontarians.

That question was the focus of the 2015 Farmland Forum, and thanks to the participants and engaging presentations from our speakers, OFT’s 11th annual forum was a success!

Click on the links below to view Forum power point presentations.

Protecting Farmland for Future Generations: An Introduction

– Wayne Caldwell, School of Environmental Design & Rural Development, University of Guelph

Finding the Right Language: Creating Policy that Enables Vibrant Local Farm Economies

– Janet Horner, Greater Golden Horseshoe Food & Farming Alliance
– Helma Geerts, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

Farming in the Park: Toward a New National Urban Park Model that Supports Agriculture and Farmland Protection 

– Pam Veinotte, Rouge National Urban Park
– Mike Bender, Toronto & Region Conservation Authority

Saving Farmland, Growing Cities: New Approaches to Farmland Preservation in California

– Daniel O’Connell, San Joaquin Valley Program Manager, American Farmland Trust

Keynote: Learning from Pennsylvania’s Model for Collaborative Farmland Protection 

– Doug Wolfgang, Director, Bureau of Farmland Preservation, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture


Thanks to our 2015 Forum Partners!

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