What We Do

OFT actively protects farmland by working directly with landowners who have a desire to see their farms permanently protected for agriculture. We offer both landowners and community groups tools, such as farmland easement agreements, that can be used to protect individual properties of value to them.

OFT also assists in raising awareness of the impacts of farmland loss, the need for greater farmland preservation and the importance of land stewardship. We provide ongoing volunteer and learning opportunities and encourage collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including farmers, local food groups, land use planners, health advocates and government.

To learn more about the importance of farmland protection in Ontario, check out our Protecting Farmland Forever video here.

Farmland Protection
The Ontario Farmland Trust’s Farmland Protection Program is the foundation of the organization’s work, permanently protecting farmland by working directly with farmers and other rural landowners to ensure their land remains available for agricultural and conservation uses in the long-term.

OFT is the only land trust in Ontario that offers the unique service of protecting the agricultural values of farm properties in addition to the protection of natural features.

By donating land to the Ontario Farmland Trust or working with the Trust to establish farmland easement agreements on their properties, landowners can have a direct say in the future use of their land and be given the assurance that their farms will be protected from future housing developments, aggregate pits and quarries, dumps and other non-agricultural uses.

Farmland Policy

The Ontario Farmland Trust works with the province and municipal planners to encourage greater protections for agriculture and farmland in planning and policy development. Part of this is pursued through education and outreach activities, events and creation of new materials and resources. OFT also makes regular submissions to the province during policy reviews, or participates in public dialogue and debate surrounding issues of farmland loss that are of provincial significance.

Research and Education
The Ontario Farmland Trust has a strong commitment to supporting research and education that furthers the preservation of farmland in Ontario. OFT itself grew out of research at the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, and maintains connections to research and education at the university through a partnership with the School of Environmental Design & Rural Development.