Nestled in picturesque Prince Edward County, the Bazett-Jones Farm is a beautiful example of farmland and natural habitat working in unison.

This farm, now permanently protected with OFT’s Farmland Easement Agreements, consists of two properties that contribute over 210 acres to the 2570 acres OFT now protects.

The productive agricultural soils on this farm currently produce hay, and are used as pasture for sheep. The landowners, David and Louise, are partaking in regenerative agricultural practices that will help build organic matter in the soils and increase soil health. These practices will benefit the soils, future farmers of the soils, and will also help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon deep in the ground.

David and Louise have witnessed mounting development pressures in Prince Edward County, and have seen the farmland around them lost to sprawling estate homes and other non-agricultural development. They wanted to make sure that their properties don’t fall into this fate, and that the land will remain available for young farmers in the future.

“Down the road we’d like to give these young farmers the opportunity to take over our land. It will help them get a foot in the door to start building their own careers as farmers.” ~ David and Louise Bazett-Jones

And people are not the only ones to benefit from the protection of these farms. These properties are veritable havens for wildlife in Prince Edward County, and are home to a number of species at risk including Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Wood-Pewee, and Monarch butterflies. Wetlands lie interspersed with forests on these farms, providing additional habitat for semi-aquatic species, as well as providing important ecosystem services such as water filtration and flood mitigation for the surrounding community. With our Farmland Easement Agreements permanently protecting these farms from development, Louise and David are able to rest assured knowing that their farmland will remain farmland, forever.