Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Honouring Indigenous Stewardship

For Indigenous communities, the connection with the land runs deep, akin to a familial bond that informs their sacred stewardship practices. It’s a relationship built on reverence and reciprocity, where the land is not merely a resource but a living entity deserving of respect and care. They stand as the original stewards, guardians, and protectors of the land. As we face the looming threat of farmland loss – with 319 acres disappearing every day in Ontario alone –  OFT recognizes that safeguarding farmland isn’t just about preserving agricultural spaces; it’s also about protecting the intricate ecosystems that call farmland home.

At OFT, the urgency of this mission is palpable. Indigenous Peoples’ Day serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions Indigenous cultures and communities have made and continue to make to our shared environment. Indigenous territories make up approximately 20% of the planet, and within these lands houses an astonishing 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity. Thus, their knowledge, passed down through generations, offers invaluable insights into sustainable land management practices and biodiversity conservation.

This Indigenous Peoples’ Day and every day, we extend an invitation to all to acknowledge and honour Indigenous stewardship, livelihoods and reconciliation. Whether that be engaging with Indigenous perspectives through exploring topics of decolonization in literature, podcasts, documentaries, or engaging in meaningful conversations with Indigenous leaders, community members, as well as your own network, there is always more to learn and unlearn. 

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