Farmland Forever: OFT’s Strategic Plan 2024-2029

The Ontario Farmland Trust’s Strategic Plan 2024-2029 is the result of community and stakeholder consultations, and sets a course for us to protect 10,000 acres of farmland by 2029.

Our key priorities

1. Enhance the Farmland Protection Program by diversifying the tools and methods used to protect farmland

By innovating within our Farmland Protection Program, we aim to develop tailored conservation easements that cater to a range of farm operations, and foster the creation of local farmland preserves. Our goal is to protect an additional 10,000 acres by 2029, enhancing land access for farmers and securing the future of agriculture in Ontario.

2. Enhance the Education and Community Engagement Program by diversifying our content and method of delivery

We’re committed to expanding the reach and effectiveness of our Education and Community Engagement Program. Through increased engagement across digital platforms and community-based educational initiatives, we aim to empower local stakeholders, influence farmland protection policies, and ensure that our educational content reaches and resonates with a diverse audience.

3. Increase the number of people and organizations that support OFT’s activities

OFT will broaden its impact by diversifying and increasing its membership and donor base, developing strategic partnerships, and enhancing volunteer engagement. Our focus is on empowering community members to actively participate in farmland protection, thus amplifying our collective efforts to preserve Ontario’s agricultural landscapes.

4. Increase annual revenue and improve financial stability

Our objective is to ensure OFT’s financial sustainability by diversifying funding sources and strengthening our donor relationships. This strategy ensures the longevity of our organization and includes growing our stewardship fund, securing stable revenue streams, and maintaining high donor retention rates to support ongoing and new farmland conservation initiatives.

5. Improve organizational efficiency

OFT plans to enhance organizational efficiency by investing in our staff and volunteer training, optimizing program delivery, and refining performance metrics. These efforts aim to improve program outcomes, streamline operations, and ensure effective use of resources, aligning our activities with our strategic goals.

This strategic plan guides our activities for the next five years, and showcases how OFT is ready to take bold and creative steps that will inspire hope and ignite people’s desire to support our work. Given the complex and intersecting issues related to farmland loss, now is the time to set ambitious goals and targets to make a greater difference to protect our food-producing landscapes in Ontario.

Read more about the projects that we are currently working on:

  1. Conservation Easements – Currently we are working with eight different landowners to protect their farmland. Read more here.
  2. Fee Simple Donations of Land – We recently received our first donation of farmland, and we are working with five different landowners who are considering donating their land as well. Read more in our 2023 Annual Report.
  3. Land Access – stay tuned!
  4. Land Preserves – stay tuned!
  5. Developing a network of volunteer and partner organizations

Your donation today will help protect more farmland for the future of Ontario.