Ontario Agriculture Week and what it means to you! October 2-8, 2023

Welcome to Fall in Ontario! While you may be missing those sandy, beach days and fun summer nights, it’s hard to argue that Fall has its own set of enjoyable memories and special times. Whether it’s taking a drive through the countryside just to see the Fall colours on full display, or visiting your local Fall Fair with family and friends, there are so many activities available to Ontarians at this time of year. 

We at the Ontario Farmland Trust would like to direct the spotlight to the variety of locally grown foods that become available during this season – apples, pumpkins, carrots, beets, cranberries – just to name a few. And of course, we often see a turkey dinner and apple pie arrive on many a kitchen table in the first week of October! 

Possibly not so coincidentally, the first week of October is also celebrated as Ontario Agriculture Week

This provincially recognized time, running October 2-8, 2023, serves as a tribute to the province’s thriving agricultural heritage, and the hardworking farmers who nourish the province. As the leaves transform into a tapestry of warm hues, farms across Ontario come alive with harvest activities. 

This weeklong celebration offers a glimpse into our diverse agricultural landscape, from bountiful apple orchards to sprawling pumpkin patches and golden fields of corn and soybeans. It’s a time to appreciate the dedication of Ontario’s farmers who supply fresh, locally-grown food products – from fresh fruits and vegetables, to grains, to milk, meat, and eggs, as well as wine, beer, ciders and spirits – and the pivotal role these farmers play in sustaining both our plates and the rural communities that adorn the province’s scenic countryside. Did you know that agriculture in Ontario generates $47 billion of Ontario’s Gross Domestic Product, and employs 1 in 10 Ontarians? 

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Ontario Agriculture Week! Now more than ever, it’s important to celebrate Ontario Agriculture Week with meaningful action. Ontario is losing farmland at a rate of 319 acres per day. But farmers require confidence that their farmland will be protected long into the future, in order to make smart decisions and investments for their farm productions. Organizations such as ours offer ways to give farmers the confidence they need to continue farming and supporting their communities. If you want to make a difference, make sure you shop local, buy locally-grown products from your neighbourhood businesses, and consider making a donation to the Ontario Farmland Trust, so that we can continue our mission to protect Ontario farmlands.


  1. Find locally-grown commodities across Ontario by using this interactive map: https://buylocalfoodacrossontario.ca/index.php