Thank you to everyone who visited OFT’s booth at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show last week. We had a blast talking with farmers, industry representatives and the general public! Over 130 passionate folks stopped to chat about the importance of protecting our precious and limited farmland. 

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is an annual event outside of Woodstock, Ontario. It has been running over 25 years, showcasing new products and technology in agriculture with over 600 exhibitors from seed retailers to farm tax specialists to biosolids management companies.

We heard from new farmers struggling to access enough land to build their business and feed their communities. We heard from retiring farmers who were concerned about the future of their farmland if they decided to sell their land – farmers who were pleased to learn about the option of Conservation Easement Agreements. We heard concern over the future food security of Ontario; how will future generations feed themselves if we pave over our irreplaceable farmland? 

With provincial policy changes over the past year and questionable activity within the housing minister’s office, the future of their farmland and the farming sector is even more in the minds of farmers across Ontario. Many farmers are not aware of the option of working with OFT or another land trust to protect their land through Conservation Easement Agreements, even though they provide the strongest protection available against future development on farmland in Ontario. If you know a farmer concerned about the future of their land, please share information about easements with them!

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