Send your message to the Environmental Registry of Ontario that the new Provincial Planning Statement must be revised to help protect the future viability of Ontario’s local food system. OFT just submitted our comments, submit your own as well! You can find below draft suggested submissions on the three most pressing issues for you to submit as is or to modify.

The submission deadline has been updated to August 4th, 2023 at midnight (June 5th update).

Step 1: Click “Send Your Message!” button above.

Step 2: On the ERO website, select the blue button, “Submit a Comment”

Step 3: You can Register an Account or simply select “Comment Without Registering”

Step 3: Copy the draft submission(s) you feel most strongly about from the three letters below and paste into the Comments section. 

Step 4: Click “Submit Your Comment”!

Let’s take action now, for the future of Ontario agriculture and the environment!

Draft Submission on Agricultural Systems and the Proposed Provincial Planning Statement

Draft Submission on Section 4.3.3: Lot Creation and Lot Adjustments

Draft Submission on the Proposed Changes to Intensification, Municipal Comprehensive Reviews, and Settlement Area Expansion