I’m Gabriella Hubert, and I am the new Volunteer Program Developer for the Ontario Farmland Trust. My background is primarily in project management, and I’ve had the opportunity to work in a wide range of public and private industries from university program development to manufacturing to software development, all with a variety of product and service focuses. I pursued my undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Environmental Governance and received a post-graduate degree from the Niagara College Environmental Management and Assessment program. From early on, I’ve always taken interest in the innovative research behind the agricultural industry and the strength and resilience of the communities within.

Growing up in rural areas and living in agricultural rich communities such as Guelph and Niagara, has led me to always have a vested interest in protecting Ontario’s rich environment and agricultural communities. Currently residing in where I grew up in Norfolk County, and becoming more involved with the local communities, more than ever I am working towards protecting communities such as my own.

In my free time, I am an avid reader and I love spending my time on the lake, visiting local breweries and wineries, and visiting all the beautiful hiking trails located in Southern Ontario.

My goal for my time in this role is to support OFT in building a solid volunteer program with a focus on community engagement, building platforms for conversations and engagement, where individuals like myself who are passionate about the agricultural community and farmland protection have a space to be actively involved.