Martin mailing our letter to Premier Ford.

Martin Straathof, OFT’s executive director, recently prepared and submitted an open letter to Premier Doug Ford expressing concerns over the current state, and future, of Ontario’s agri-food system.

The letter cites the uptick in the rate of farmland loss in Ontario, and highlights the importance of Ontario’s agri-food sector to the economy and to the wellbeing of Ontarians now and in the future.

“Farmland needs better protection. The path of permitting urban sprawl on farmland should not be taken lightly, as this will have long-lasting impacts on the availability and quality of our food supply.”

OFT would like the Province to make a commitment to Ontario’s farmland and take measures to protect this vital and non-renewable resource. OFT is also willing to provide input to the Province to help them come up with collaborative and creative solutions.

Read the full letter here.