2023 Farmland Forum: Panel Announcements

The theme for this year’s forum, Planning to Save the Soil, will focus on the social, economic and environmental considerations for protecting the foundation of our farmland and agri-food sector: Ontario’s soil. This week, we are excited to announce the topic of the 2023 Farmland Forum’s two panels!

Our first panel will be on The Right to Soil: Expanding Complete Communities.

Soil is critical to providing basic necessities for us to live and to thrive. This panel will explore the idea of adding agricultural land as a defining feature of complete communities. What could this mean for planning just and sustainable communities? How can planning processes recognize the many services provided by soil, like climate change mitigation, and water filtration?

Our second panel will be on Nourishing The Land.

Ontario farmers play an integral role in building and preserving soil for future generations. This panel invites stewards of soil health from all corners of the agricultural landscape, from larger scale to small scale farmers, from grain croppers to pastured livestock farmers, to discuss ways they are protecting and enhancing our local soils and how they can be supported in their work.

The Farmland Forum will be taking place on March 23rd, 2023 in person in Guelph, Ontario as well as online. Stay tuned for announcement on keynote speakers and registration!

We are seeking volunteers for the event. Reach out to Tamara at tamara@ontariofarmlandtrust.ca if you are interested in getting involved in the first in person forum since the pandemic!