The controversial Bill 23, that will significantly reduce protections for farmland in provincial land use planning and push sprawling development instead of sustainable communities, was passed on November 28th, 2022.

We know that the rate of farmland loss in Ontario has increased dramatically since the 2016 Census of Agriculture, from 175 acres to 319 acres of farmland being lost every single day1.

With the current rate of farmland loss, Ontario’s farmland will be completely lost in the next 100 years.

OFT is extremely disappointed that Bill 23 was passed, despite all the briefs, demonstrations, letters and submissions from many groups and citizens of Ontario urging the government to drop Bill 23.

This news stings, however the fight to preserve farmland, natural areas, and the Greenbelt does not stop here. The support for our farmland and natural areas that was seen throughout the province by people passionate about conservation and securing a healthy future for Ontarians was truly inspiring. This kind of collective action does have the power to make a difference.

That is why we encourage you to not stop here. Here are four ways that you can help:

  1. Call your MPP and let them know you disagree with Bill 23
  2. Join a local rally in support of farmland and natural habitat
  3. Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers and encourage them to join in these activities
  4. Reach out to Ontario Farmland Trust and other conservation groups to see how you can support their work

So please, continue to add your voice to the opposition of Bill 23, continue to support real affordable housing initiatives, and continue to support our farmland and natural areas. Future generations of Ontarians will thank you.

OFT is here to support farmers who wish to ensure that their farmland remains farmland, forever. Our Farmland Easement Agreements are legally binding agreements that run with the title of the land in perpetuity. Farmland conservation easements are the strongest tool to available to protect farmland, ensuring that any future non-agricultural use remains prohibited because of the permanent easement on title. If you want more information about our easements, click here.

“Provincial protection is lost but land trusts can offer registered protection for the land & water we love. We must press on and be champions.”

~Frank Shaw, OFT Volunteer and former OFT Board Member (2012-2020)


  1. Statistics Canada. 2021. Census of Agriculture. Retrieved from