World Soil Day is December 5th!

Agricultural soil is one of our most valuable non-renewable resources. We rely on it to produce food for us to eat, flowers for us to admire, fibre that helps produce clothing, and even for fuel!

And yet we continue to lose approximately 319 acres of farmland every day to non-agricultural development. This rate is unsustainable and it will impact future generations of Ontarians.

Farmland is at risk all across Ontario, however current protections in land use planning policy focus on protecting soils that fall into Class 1-3. In reality, all of our agricultural soil is valuable, and capable of producing food and other goods for future generations. All of our agricultural soil deserves protection.

OFT regularly engages with changes to provincial land use planning policy, such as those proposed in Bill 23. It is crucial that strong land use planning policy is in place provincially, and municipally, so that our resources are protected for future generations. This includes natural areas, wetlands, shorelines, and our soil.

That is why the theme for the 2023 Farmland Forum is “Planning to Save the Soil”.

At the event, occurring March 23rd, 2023, we will discuss the importance of all soil types, soil conservation, land stewardship, and planning practices that recognize the importance of this limited resource. We will also discuss how our Farmland Easement Agreements can permanently protect our agricultural soil from development.

Be sure to save the date for the 2023 Forum, and keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!

And… Happy World Soil Day!