World Food Day was, October 16th!

World Food Day is a UN holiday observed annually on October 16th. It is a great opportunity to reflect on our food systems, the people it supports, and the soils that it relies on.

Agricultural land in Ontario is a finite resource that we are losing at an alarming pace.

According to the 2021 Census of Agriculture, we are losing an average of 319 acres of farmland every single day in Ontario. That equates to roughly 58 city blocks worth of farmland being lost every day.

Many activities can result in farmland loss, including non-agricultural development on farmland, aggregate mining, and more. Learn more about farmland loss here.

World Food Day is a perfect time to take a look at everything in our lives that depends on farmland, and it is a great time to take action against farmland loss. With your help, we can protect Ontario’s farmland for future generations.