Goodbye Hershil

It is with mixed emotions that we let you know that Hershil, our Policy and Event Planning Coordinator, will be entering a new position with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Hershil joined OFT in 2021 as our Policy and Event Planning Intern, and has been a huge part of the OFT team ever since.

Hershil has been a leader on many OFT projects, has worked on a number of provincial policy submissions, and has contributed immeasurably to the operation of OFT through her behind the scenes work.

Not to mention, Hershil coordinated and ran our annual Farmland Forum, which this year was attended by attendees from across the globe!

While we will miss you dearly Hershil, we are very happy for you. We are so excited to continue to witness the difference you will make in the world of conservation. Continue to be an amazing advocate for the protection of farmland and natural habitat! Congratulations Hershil!