This summer has truly been a blast! There is nothing like being able to get out and enjoy all of the sights, sounds, and views of permanently protected farmland. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the memories that I am left with after this summer.

One of the many beautiful views on this year’s site visits

We have been able to see so many beautiful farms, the delicious fruits and vegetables growing along with them, as well as the large variety of species that enjoy the different habitats that farmland provides! One of the most exciting visits we had was in Prince Edward County where we discovered a massive cluster of wild leeks (commonly referred to as ramps) but that wasn’t the only excitement we had. On that same visit we enjoyed a bunch of wild raspberries while watching a family of raccoons crossing the dirt path from one forest to another. Even though raccoons are definitely not a species at risk, it was sweet to see a whole raccoon family making the forests of this farm home.

Another note-worthy moment from this summer was when we saw a massive bird carrying something in its fierce talons. At first we thought it may be a hawk or perhaps a Turkey Vulture, but looking through our binoculars we could tell it was actually a Bald Eagle! Did you know Bald Eagles are one of Ontario’s species of special concern?1

All in all, it’s been a wonderful summer for monitoring visits with not too many hot days, and hardly any rain. I am so happy to have been a part of protecting Ontario’s precious and finite farmland. This may be the end of my journey here, but farmland protection will continue to be on my mind and I will remain an ‘ag-vocate’ for life.

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Thank you, Brittany, for all of your hard work!


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