Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Zeus and I am Ontario Farmland Trust’s new summer student! I am currently a student at Fleming College in the Fish and Wildlife Technician program. I am so excited to be working for an organization  that is making such a huge impact for farmland in Ontario.

Growing up in Peterborough has shown me the impacts that urban sprawl can have on wildlife and natural habitat. When I was a kid, I remember hearing coyotes howling from right beside my yard. This confused me, as I thought that these animals should be out in the forest, and that there is no way we should be able to hear them! Looking back, I now realize they were so close to our backyard because we developed on their habitat, a place they called home for many more years than I did. Farmland produces the food we get to enjoy every day, and also provides habitat for many different species of wildlife. Land is a limited resource, this is why we must take action in protecting Ontario’s farmlands.

I am excited for a summer of protecting farmland in my new role with OFT!