Earth Day 2022 is taking place on April 22nd!

Earth Day is a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of farmland for our future.

We rely on farmland for food, fuel, fibre, and flowers. But farmland is capable of providing us with so much more. With the right agricultural practices, it is possible to sequester carbon in our agricultural soil, which can ultimately help us fight the climate crisis.

The theme of Earth Day this year is “Invest in our Planet”. Our Farmland Forum this year also looked into the value of investing in sustainable agricultural practices and infrastructure, and it explored the role that municipalities can play in promoting local agriculture and developing local climate change mitigation strategies. Read the full recap of our Forum here.  

Farmers are stewards of the land, and they work hard to protect our valuable resources while producing fresh food for Ontarians. The potential to sequester carbon in our farmlands is huge, and could make a big difference for the future. The more farmland that is permanently protected, the more farmland we can put to work for the environment.

Our Farmland Easement Agreements are able to permanently protect the farmland and the natural habitat on properties for the benefit of future generations. Protecting our land also means protecting our climate. Read more about these agreements here.

From all of us at OFT to you, Happy Earth Day 2022!