Agriculture in the Greenbelt

Did you know that the Greenbelt protects over two million acres of land and 37% of this acreage is farmland? Contrary to various misconceptions, the Greenbelt offers many benefits to farmers, the agricultural sector, and food security. Here are five reasons why!

  1. Over the past 10 years, farmland values across the Greenbelt have consistently increased by 10% or more per year.
  2. Farmers in the Greenbelt have been successful for many years and new generations of farmers will have this same opportunity because of the Greenbelt’s strength in establishing permanent boundaries.
  3. Since 2005, the Greenbelt has stopped over 24,000 acres of land from being taken out of its protection.
  4. Different rules for farm businesses are built into the Greenbelt’s provincial policies to protect agricultural land, prevent farmland fragmentation, and protect the viability of the agricultural sector.
  5. The Greenbelt provides unique ecosystem services, such as flood management and carbon sequestration that will help farmers adapt to climate change.

With a growing population in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, support for the Greenbelt is essential. One of the Greenbelt’s primary purposes is protecting farmland and with it, Ontarians are ensured a healthy, sustainable, and food-secure future.

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