We are thrilled to announce that we have finalized the protection of three new farms, bringing OFT to a total of 20 protected farms and over 2300 permanently protected acres of farmland!  We could not have reached these milestones and protected these farms without the generous support of the landowners, our many donors, and our supportive community.

The Farrow Family Farms are officially the biggest farmland protection project in OFT history. The two farms total over 620 acres of farmland and valuable natural habitat, and are home to five different species at risk. The Farrow family protected their farms because they wanted to ensure that the farmland is kept in the farming community long-term, for the benefit of future generations. Read more about the Farrow Family Farms here.

The protection of the Douglas and Bourgeois Farm is what brings OFT to a milestone of 20 protected farms. This 98-acre farm is home to rich agricultural soil and irreplaceable wildlife habitat that is an important part of a nearby wildlife corridor. The Douglas and Bourgeois family wanted to protect their farm and the associated natural habitat to ensure it will be there for future generations of Ontarians and wildlife alike. Read more about the Douglas and Bourgeois Farm here.

Once again, this momentous feat could not have been achieved without our generous supporters. Thank you for making farmland protection possible!