Hello everyone! My name is Kendyll Jones-McGowan and I am Ontario Farmland Trust’s new Farmland Ecology Assistant student for this upcoming summer. I will be participating in farm site visits, species monitoring and identification, report writing, data compilation and more. I am a recent graduate from Fleming College’s Ecosystem Management Technician program, and I will be returning to Fleming next fall for their Geographic Information Systems Post-Graduate program.

Having grown up in the rural town of Lindsay, urban sprawl is something I have witnessed firsthand. Not only does it put numerous pressures on our open green spaces, but it compromises the land forever. Proper land-use practices, ecology, and soil health have always been of interest and importance to me. I feel honoured to be a part of the team this season, I am excited to put my skills to the test and share my love for our natural spaces. I want to give back to my community by playing a supporting role in bringing sustainable practices to Southern Ontario through protection of our precious and irreplaceable farmland.