There’s nothing quite like a farm in the winter time.

The sound of crunching snow underfoot. The smell of burning firewood filling the crisp air.

All the leaves have fallen off their branches. The fields are tucked in under a blanket of snow, creating a blank canvas for the upcoming spring.

But there’s still work to be done!

Winter on a farm means planning, budgeting, and preparation for the year ahead.

Seeds are purchased and maintenance is performed on equipment needed for the upcoming planting season. For livestock farmers, frostbite is a big concern that comes with the cold winter months, and they are busy making sure the animals are kept warm and fed. Maple syrup producers are preparing for their harvest season too, when the days are warm enough to entice the sap to the top of the tree, but the nights are still too cold for the tree to begin budding.

Now we wait for the songs of the Spring Peepers, American Robins, and Red-winged Blackbirds to return, announcing the return of spring. 

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a farm in the winter.

And there’s nothing quite like knowing that this farm will remain farmland, forever.

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