OFT recently voiced support for the protections for farmland in the GGH that are provided by the Greenbelt.

The GGH is home to some of the most fertile soil in Ontario, and because of the growing population of this region, it is also some of the most at-risk soil in Ontario. In fact, since 2006 the GGH has lost over 160,000 acres of productive farmland to non-agricultural development. This is why it is crucial that farmland in the GGH is protected so that future generations will have access to it.

In this letter, OFT addresses the strong protections for farmland that the Greenbelt provides. OFT also commends the support for the Greenbelt that the Province has shown thus far, and encourages them to continue their support of the Greenbelt in the future.

To read our full submission, click here. To read our other policy reviews, visit our Farmland Policy page.