Today we would like to take a moment to recognize and thank another one of our longest standing volunteers: Larry Rosevear.

After serving on OFT’s Land Committee for around a year, Larry joined OFT’s Board of Directors in 2013, and has used his expertise in the fields of real estate and agriculture to guide OFT’s land protection efforts ever since.

Outside of OFT, Larry had a successful career in agriculture, spending 16 years with Farm Credit Canada Corporation, followed by 35 years as a real estate appraiser working out of London, Ontario. Larry’s career, coupled with his upbringing on a farm has made him passionate about agriculture and farmland protection. He notes that farmland protection in Ontario is crucial in order to maintain the sustainability of the province’s agricultural sector. Larry lives in a rural subdivision near London.

Consumers must realize where their food comes from, and the need to protect farmland that is being gobbled up by development on a daily basis.”

Larry Rosevear

During his time with OFT, Larry has served as the Vice Chair for the Board, the Chair of the Land Committee, and has also been active in the Executive Committee and Nominations Committee. As a retired real estate appraiser, Larry has provided valuable insight to both the Land Committee and the Board when reviewing properties for protection and valuation. Since joining the Board in 2013, Larry has also visited and helped in the monitoring of each of OFT’s 15 protected farms!

Larry has recently concluded his term on our Board of Directors.

Larry’s presence on the Board will be missed, but we are happy that he will be continuing to volunteer his time as a committee member moving forward. His insight and wisdom will continue to be a valuable asset to our Land Committee’s efforts to further our mission of protecting Ontario’s farmland and associated natural features.

Thank you, Larry, for your years of service and your dedication to protecting Ontario’s farmland, forever.