Today, the Ontario Farmland Trust (OFT) would like to take a moment to recognize and thank one of our longest standing volunteers: Frank Shaw.

Frank joined OFT’s Board of Directors in 2012. Since then, he has used his experience in the field of land protection and conservation to help guide OFT’s land protection efforts. Prior to his involvement with OFT, Frank spent over 40 years in the conservation sector, working with various governmental bodies, conservation authorities, land trusts, and other public agencies. In addition to his long history with conservation, he also has a long history with local food and agriculture, and has worked with many grassroots campaigns to support environmental stewardship on farms and better land use planning. Frank is also co-owner of the double century family farm in Norfolk County. His ancestors came north to Canada in 1794 as United Empire Loyalists to escape from the new USA. The Shaw family has farmed their land heritage in Norfolk for eight generations. Hence his keen interest in land protection.  

We must understand that our farmland is a finite resource in Ontario. With this limited acreage and rising population, we must protect and save every acre of our precious farmland to feed and support the people of Ontario today and into the future.”

Frank Shaw

Since becoming involved with OFT, Frank has acted as Board Secretary and Governance Chair, and has very actively participated in the Governance Committee, Executive Committee, Land Committee, and Nominations Committee. Frank has played a strong role in the governance of OFT, using his expertise in agriculture, and the Ontario Public Service to help guide the development of OFT’s policies. Since 2012, Frank has watched OFT’s farmland protection efforts grow to protect over 1400 acres of farmland and counting – success that would not have been possible without Frank’s help and guidance.

Frank recently concluded his third term on our Board of Directors but not his keen interest.

Frank has played an instrumental role on OFT’s Board, and we are happy that he is continuing to volunteer his time as a committee member moving forward. Frank’s dedication and positivity will be missed on the board, but he will continue to remain an inspiration to his fellow board members, OFT staff, and volunteers.

Thank you, Frank, for your years of hard work and your dedication to protecting Ontario’s farmland for the benefit of future generations.