There’s nothing quite like a farm in springtime.

When the sun begins to warm up the ground, and the days gradually lengthen. The pace on the farm speeds up and all around there are signs that one of the busiest times of the year is upon us.

There is rain, there is sunshine, there is mud, and there is new grass growing in the fields.

In the barn you hear the sounds of animals excited to go out on their pastures. Spring lambs can be found playing in the pens, and the farmers are keeping a close eye on their flocks to look for signs that more lambs might be on the way.

In the shop, the farmers get their seeds and equipment ready, eager to get their crops in the ground. Winter has allowed for the maintenance of equipment and planning for the upcoming year. Now all that is needed are the right field conditions, then the growing season can officially begin with planting.

In the natural areas you hear the sounds of the wildlife that are returning or waking up from their long winter slumber. If you listen closely, you can hear a chorus of Spring Peepers, American Robins, and Red-winged Blackbirds welcoming the change of season. The sounds of nature are one of the loudest announcements that spring is well on its way.

Soon trees will begin to bud and new leaves will form. Gradually, the leaves will open and the forest will start transforming into the cool, dark oasis it is in the summer.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a farm in the spring.

And there’s nothing quite like knowing that this farm will remain farmland, forever.

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