Living on Lake Simcoe in an area so rich and diverse in terms of agricultural land has led me to pursue my interest in learning more about farmland. This led me to the Ontario Farmland Trust as I strongly believe in the core value of protecting farmland and its ecological value.

My career involved working twenty-five years as a professional biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and York Region. This passion to protect our natural environment has always been a comfort to me and now that I am retired, it is my goal to explore other avenues to continue my efforts. Land trusts like the Ontario Farmland Trust serve a crucial role in being able to not only protect agriculture but also the ecological values that strengthen and diversify our environment.

Farmland is so important. Food comes from farms. Food allows us to live, as it is our sustenance. Our future, and our children’s future depends on protecting this critical resource. I was raised in the country and spent a great deal of time on farms. The farms I knew were run by families who stewarded and cared for the land. Development pressure  is threatening the beautiful countryside that I used to know and love.

It is important to help educate others, grow our connections, and raise awareness of the importance of farmland protection. Fostering this network and working together to get involved will not only help preserve our agricultural resources but also improve our ability to be food self-sufficient into the future.