Yes! I want to help protect Ontario farmland!

Your support helps to permanently protect Ontario farmland for agriculture now and for the future.

Every day 175 acres of farmland is lost to development and other non-agricultural uses. This loss also affects species at risk that make their home in the wetlands and forests on farms.

The Ontario Farmland Trust works with farmers and farmland owners who are interested in protecting land for the future. We work with them to place conservation easements on the property, protecting the agricultural and natural habitat areas of the farm, forever.

That means every farmland owner after that must keep the natural habitat areas on the farm and must keep the agricultural land available for farming, forever.

100% of your gift goes directly to the work of placing an easement on each farm property. Your gift makes a difference. You are protecting valuable farmland, forever. That is your legacy.

Want to leave an ongoing legacy? A recurring monthly gift is the simplest way to protect Ontario’s irreplaceable farmland.

Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt by email.

Interested in leaving a legacy of securities or a bequest? Give us a call at (519) 824-4120 ext. 52654 to discuss your options.

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