Haley Farm, Brant County


Haley Farm - A reflective pond nestled in a forested area during the fall under a cloudy sky.














The 31-acre Haley Farm property has been protected through an easement agreement to help support and protect the Greenbelt Plan Boundary. This property is located within Brant County southwest of the City of Hamilton.  It is adjacent to a number of forests, watercourses, and other natural areas. This is the OFT’s first land protection project in Brant County.

The land of this property has important conservation and agricultural values to make note of. It contains mature, mixed-age forest, wetland vegetation, open farm fields, and a pond. These features support habits for both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Species at risk whose habitat is supported by this site include Wood Thrush, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Louisiana Waterthrush, and Snapping Turtle. This site also has important agricultural value. It contains Class 2 and 3 agricultural soils, soils that are at risk from urban sprawl in Brant County.