Ontario Farmland Requirements to 2036

This report, Farmland Requirements for Ontario’s Growing Population to 2036, plays an important role in policy discussions about food security, self-sufficiency and farmland protection in the province. The research report estimates the farmland required to feed Ontario’s growing population within a 25-year planning horizon, based on current population projections, food consumption, food wastage, rate of farmland loss and farm productivity. The study found that in all population growth scenarios, Ontario has the potential to lose food self-sufficiency within the next 25 years. This unique perspective strengthens the case for protecting Ontario’s best farmlands and building regional food systems in Ontario that adequately address domestic food needs. Dr. Charlotte McCallum, a University of Guelph geographer and researcher, prepared this report.

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Study highlights were presented at the Farmland Trust’s 2012 forum:

– Click Here to view the forum presentation, titled “Calculating Potential Food Self-Sufficiency in Ontario (PDF)
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