Research & Education

The Ontario Farmland Trust has a strong commitment to supporting research and education that furthers the preservation of farmland in Ontario. OFT itself grew out of research at the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, and maintains connections to research and education at the university through a partnership with the School of Environmental Design & Rural Development. iStock_000015289060Medium

Recent research and education initiatives led by OFT include:

 Agricultural Easement Innovation Project:  to support broader acceptance and use of farm easements throughout the province.

Annual Farmland Forums: The meeting place for Ontario’s farmland preservation leaders – farmers, conservationists, planners, policy-makers, elected officials and public interest groups

•  ‘Places to Grow Food’ Project: resources for regional food systems planning

• ‘Linking Land Protection’ & Stewardship Project: new opportunities for collaboration that bridge land securement and stewardship activities in support of both agricultural and natural heritage land protection

Land for Future Generations’  book project.