Provincial Policy Statement

In Fall 2010, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) began receiving input from the public on the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). The PPS sets the Ontario government’s policy direction for land use planning and development; it states matters of provincial interest (like farmland protection) and provides a framework for guiding local land use decisions.

The Farmland Trust offered a series of recommendations to enhance the protection of Ontario’s prime agricultural land and farming communities during the Fall 2010 review, which can be viewed by clicking here.

In Fall 2012, a draft PPS was released by the MMAH after considering all the feedback from stakeholders since 2010.

The Farmland Trust again responded to the draft PPS policies, highlighting important improvements to the protection of farmland in the draft policies, and addressing areas of outstanding concern where farmland and agriculture requires additional policy protection. Comments span a wide range of land use topics, including:

  • Very little protection of farmland from new aggregate pits and quarries,
  • Ongoing settlement area expansion in prime agricultural areas,
  • Impacts of new transportation infrastructure on agriculture,
  • The need for absolute protection of Ontario’s specialty crop areas,
  • Planning for agriculture through a more holistic farming ‘systems’ approach, and
  • Promotion of local food.

Click Here to read OFT’s full submission on the draft PPS (PDF)

MMAH released a new, updated PPS in Spring 2014. Click here for more details.