Farmland Policy

Land use planning policies in Ontario protect a great deal of farmland. The reality, however, is that we continue to lose 175 acres of farmland every day in Ontario, and we’re losing our best, most productive agricultural soils the fastest. In fact, between 1976 and 2016 Ontario lost 20% of its farmland. This loss is unsustainable, and we need to promote improved policy to make agriculture and farmland protection a top priority across the province.

OFT works with the Province and key partners to encourage greater protection for agriculture and farmland through planning and policy development. We make regular submissions to the Province during policy reviews, and participate in public dialogue and debate surrounding issues of farmland loss that are of provincial significance.

Click on the dates below to review our policy submissions regarding the Greenbelt Plan, Permitted Uses, Agricultural Systems Mapping, Federal Pickering Airport Lands, Rouge National Urban Park, and the Aggregate Resources Act.

This site is continually updated with new submissions, as they are completed. For more information, please contact us at 519-824-4120 x52654.

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Statistics Canada, Census of Agriculture – 1996-2016









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