Neptis Geoweb

On March 6, 2014, the Neptis Foundation released the beta format of the Neptis Geoweb; an interactive web-based visualization of past, present and future development patterns in the Greater Toronto Region.

The Neptis Geoweb integrates mapping and statistics to inform discussions around complex issues and convey information about patterns of regional growth and change. It features 43 different layers of information (i.e. historical urban boundaries, agricultural areas, provincially protected zones…etc.) on five different base maps. Users have the ability to navigate through these layers and see how different plans and proposals interconnect – or don’t.

Geoweb Image

This is a powerful tool that can tell map-based stories and start place-based conversations, as well as allowing users to create their own maps, comment on map stories, and share links to customized maps. Its educations and research purposes help residents, researchers and decision makers better understand the often invisible forces that shape our urban and rural environments – and by extension, our lives.

Click here to visit the Neptis Geoweb.

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