Help us protect our 13th Farm!

This family farm is a beautiful 175-acre farm located in Simcoe County. It is home to Dolly the llama who would like to share her story with you:


My name is Dolly Llama, and I live on a 175-acre farm near Collingwood, ON. I live on this farm with my extended family of humans, animals, plants, crops and many little critters. We grow a rotation of hay and field crops, which are typically sold to local farmers. Along with feeding the animals on our farm, these hay fields provide habitat for some of my family members that are at risk: such as the barn swallow and bobolink.

Now you may be thinking, “what’s the big prob-llama?” Well, my home is in great danger of being sold to developers. Over the years, farmland all around us has slowly disappeared, and I would hate to see this happen to ours. I have lived on this farm for 15 years; this is my home. Since I have been here my entire life, my primary job is to watch over everything. I guess you could call me the “Guard Llama”.

As the Guard Llama, I like to greet every day by taking a stroll around my land to ensure my family members are all where they should be. Usually, I will follow the gentle flow of the river downstream, taking occasional sips of the fresh water along the way. Sometimes, a snapping turtle or two will peak their heads out of the water to say “hello”. They are a species at risk; luckily, our farm helps to prevent them from becoming extinct.

As the sun gets its hottest, I like to head over to the forested area where the wildlife is rich. The trees and plants serve as a host for many important organisms to thrive. Without this area of the farm, many of my family members would not have a place to live. For example, the bumblebees in this area are considered endangered, but the flowers and other plants in this forest provide food and nectar to keep these family members alive and well.

Lately however, things have been different. Instead of the birds waking me up every morning with a song, loud and smelly machines do. Ever since the urban developers moved in down the street, things have been different. The machines are taking away valuable farmland and wildlife habitat. I am concerned that people do not understand the importance of our farmland. Who will grow our crops after our land is gone? Where would all of the species-at-risk go?

Luckily, my family is working with the OFT to save our farm; and you can help them. Your donation will help OFT permanently protect my farm, and home, forever. OFT will then continue working with more families like mine to protect our important agricultural and natural lands.



Help us protect this farm forever by donating today!

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