Great turnout at the Mono Land Trust Workshop!

On June 9th, Ontario Farmland Trust ventured to the Town of Mono to talk about our mission and how we use Farmland Easement Agreements to permanently protect farmland. We were joined by other land trusts, council members, and a group of enthusiastic residents from Mono, Mulmur, Melancthon, and Caledon who were keen to learn more about how land trusts operate and the strongest tools available to preserve their properties. The morning was filled with presentations and an excellent Q&A period that delved into many of the details around placing easements and ensuring land will remain protected. Being in a room filled with people who are passionate about land preservation was a great inspiration and reminder to keep working towards a province-wide network of protected farmland.

Like much of southern Ontario, Mono and the surrounding area face ongoing threats of aggregate extraction, housing development, and conversion to other non-agricultural uses. Many landowners don’t want to see their property developed or turned into a quarry but are uncertain about what options are available to protect their land. Outreach events, like Saturday’s workshop, help us provide an additional option for residents to consider. Farmland Easement Agreements are the strongest tool available to protect farmland forever and eliminate the threat of non-agricultural development or aggregate extraction. Easement Agreements empower landowners to take a stand on the future of their property and their community. It was incredibly encouraging to see the number of residents who were engaged and drawing on the expertise of Saturday’s presenters. We certainly look forward to seeing what comes out of the workshop and how the area works toward preserving its stunning rural land.

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