Volunteers are critical to the success of farmland protection efforts in Ontario. The passion, commitment and expertise they share provide the foundation for the Ontario Farmland Trust’s work and allow us to grow the impact of our work on-the-ground in communities across the province.

To become part of the Farmland Trust volunteer team, you need to support OFT’s mission, be an active OFT member (click here for more on membership), and have needed skills and expertise to contribute.

We are currently looking for volunteers who:

• Offer fundraising skills and experience
• Can provide consistent support at the OFT office in Guelph
• Are farmers with a strong interest in farmland protection
• Offer negotiating skills
• Offer business planning & development skills
• Can share legal expertise
• Have familiarity with the technical process of land securement
• Have a background in ecology
• Have experience with media and/or government relations
• Bring new networks, connections and partnership opportunities

Click on the links to the right to learn more about volunteer opportunities related to becoming a Farmland Trust Board member or serving on one of our Board committees.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Ontario Farmland Trust, please contact us.